Ian's Snowy Ride

Four-year-old Ian was bouncing with excitement as he peered out the front window of the car. This ride was turning out to be more fun than he had expected.
It had been snowing for several days, and although the plows had cleared the roads and pushed the snow back into huge snowbanks, the road was still slippery. Now it was snowing again, and our car was slipping and sliding up the hill on our way to Sunday school.
Ian’s eyes were sparkling. He enjoyed the snow and had no thought of danger, but I was getting worried.
Finally I said, “Ian, I’m afraid we may not get to Sunday school. We may end up stuck in a snowbank.”
Ian sat up straight in his seat and, trying to sound as grown-up as possible, said, “Don’t worry! If our car gets stuck I’ll push it out.”
I thanked him for offering to help, but I was very glad when we arrived safely at Sunday school without getting stuck since I did not have much faith in Ian’s promise. He was ready to help and he was willing to help, but he was just not able.
The Bible tells us that we need to be saved from a danger far greater than being stuck in a snowbank. We read that “all have sinned” (Rom. 3:2323For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; (Romans 3:23)), that “the wages of sin is death” (Rom. 6:2323For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)), and that “after this (death) the judgment” (Heb. 9:2727And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27)). There is no way that we can escape this danger by ourselves. Ian was ready and willing to help push a stuck car, but he was not able to do it. The Lord Jesus Christ is not only ready and willing to save us from our sins, but He tells us that He is “able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him.” Hebrews 7:2525Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them. (Hebrews 7:25).
Won’t you come to Him today?