"I Ain?t No Beggar!"

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 3
Mr. Morehouse once used an illustration which fastened itself on my mind.
Suppose you go up the street and meet a man whom you have known for the last ten years to be a beggar, and you notice a change in his appearance, and you say:
“Hello, beggar, what’s come over you?”
“I ain’t no beggar. Don’t call me a beggar.”
“Why,” you say, “I saw you the other day begging in the street.”
“Ah, but a change has taken place,” he replies.
“Is that so? how did it come about?”
“Well,” he says, “I came out this morning, and got down here intending to catch the business men and get money out of them, when one of them came up to me and said there was $10,000 deposited for me in the bank.”
“How do you know this is true?” you say.
“I went to the bank and they put the money in my hand.”
“Are you sure of that?” you ask. “How do you know it was the right kind of a hand?”
But he says, “I don’t care whether it was the right kind of a hand or not; I got the money, and that’s all I wanted.”
Faith is the hand that reaches out and takes the blessing. Any faith that brings you to Christ is the right kind of faith, and instead of looking at your faith look to Christ. See if you have the right kind of a Christ — a Christ that is giving you victory over sin. Faith is to the soul what the eye is to the body. I do not pick my eyes out of my head every now and then to see if they are the right kind of eyes. Yet people are doing that with faith all the time.
Someone has said, faith sees a thing in God’s hand and says, “I will have it.” Unbelief sees it there and says, “God won’t give it to me.” Look to God by faith now and have salvation.