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May He Himself be more with and before us! a nearer and more real object than ever!
Truth that gives thoughts is not fully the right thing; but truth that gives Himself-that is the thing.
Jesus once here-now in the heavens-again to be here and with us forever-the same Jesus throughout-known for eternity as He was known in His track through the cities and villages of Israel-this is the mystery that gives us Himself.
And it is the business of faith to reach Himself. The centurion pierced the cloud, the thick cloud, of His Humiliation, and got at the divine glories which lay the other side of it or under it. The poor sinner of the city pierced the cloud, the dark cloud, of her own sin and misery, and got at the divine love that could heal all. Faith may thus find various excellencies in Him, but it is Himself it reaches.
Faith sits and sings-
"All human beauties, all divine,
In my beloved meet and shine."
Let not this evangelistic age give you the work of Christ alone. It tends that way. Without His work, I know, all would be nothing. But let not doctrinal acquaintance with His work turn you from personal acquaintance with Himself.