Hebrews 7

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Melchisedec was a man that lived during the time of Abraham. We are not told about his father or his mother or his birth. We do not know if he died or went straight to heaven without dying. He was the priest of the Most High God. Verse 3 says he remains a priest continually. Melchisedec reminds us of Jesus Christ.
One of the descendants of Abraham was Levi. The sons of Levi were the only ones who could be priests. A priest after the order of Melchisedec is more important than the priests of Levi. The priests of Levi were temporary and they are dead. Christ is a permanent priest and He is alive today. Also, a priest of Levi could not be a king, and a king could not be a priest. But Jesus is both a priest and a king like Melchisedec. The children of Israel paid tithes to the priests of Levi. Melchisedec was greater than the priests of Levi. Abraham, their grandfather, paid tithes to Melchisedec, and Melchisedec blessed Abraham. We read that the less is blessed of the better. The priests of Levi were sinners. Therefore they were first required to offer up a sacrifice for their own sins and then they were permitted to offer sacrifices for the sins of the people. The many sacrifices of the priests of Levi could not save people. But Jesus Christ is a high priest who did not sin because He could not sin. Jesus is holy and separate from sinners. The one sacrifice of Jesus Christ the High Priest was needed to put away sin forever. The priests of Levi are all dead, but Jesus Christ our High Priest is alive. He saves believers completely forever. They will never go to hell.
1. The king of Salem blessed Abraham. Who was the king of Salem? __________   Hebrews 7:___
2. Which order is Jesus Christ a priest from? __________   Hebrews 7:___
3. Jesus is a better hope than the law because the law made nothing __________.   Hebrews 7:___
4. Jesus the High Priest was holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from __________ and made higher than the heavens.   Hebrews 7:___
5. How many times did Jesus Christ the High Priest have to offer Himself as a sacrifice? __________   Hebrews 7:___