Hebrews 4

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The Jews had promise of blessing in the land of Canaan. Because of unbelief, they refused to go into the promised land, so they did not have rest from their struggles. God made them wander in the desert until all but two adults had died. After 40 years, the others were permitted to go into the land.
The Jews still look forward to the day when they will have rest here on earth during the 1000-year reign of Christ. After that, the believing Jews will enter into an eternal rest in the new earth. The Christians also are given assurance of an eternal rest. We, the church, do not look for our rest and blessing on earth. Our rest is in heaven where we will be with Christ.
Whether Jew or Christian, we must each have faith in Christ in order to enter into the rest that remains for the people of God. A person might enjoy some of the Christian blessings now, but if he is not a true believer and he does not have faith, he will not enter into the rest that God has for all His people.
In verses 12-13 we have the Word of God which can search the thoughts and motives of our hearts to judge us and to correct us when we walk in a way that does not agree with the Word of God.
The throne of grace is where the Lord Jesus is. He is our High Priest in heaven to help us and to comfort us when we get into difficulties. We can go to Him anytime to receive kindness and find strength to help us in time of need.
1. On which day did God rest from all His works? __________   Hebrews 4:___
2. What was the reason that some people did not enter into the rest of God? __________   Hebrews 4:___
3. The Word of God is living (quick) and powerful; it is able to discern the __________ and __________ of the heart.   Hebrews 4:___
4. Who is our High Priest in heaven, who can help us and comfort us when we get into difficulties? __________   Hebrews 4:___
5. What can we find to help us in our time of need? __________   Hebrews 4:___