Hebrews 13

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
We brothers and sisters in Christ should continue to love one another. Many people are turning away from Christianity and hating Christians. We need to stick together and encourage one another to follow Jesus Christ. Remember to pray for Christians that are tortured, killed or put in bonds in prison because they love Jesus.
God made marriage to be only for a man and a woman. It is an honor to God when a man and a woman are married before they live together. God wants us to be content with the situation we are in. The Lord Jesus promises to be with you all the time. Do not be afraid when people treat you badly, because the Lord is your helper. He is the same today as He was yesterday and He will never change. You can trust Him when life is hard.
The leaders of the Jews’ religion crucified the Lord Jesus outside the gates of the city of Jerusalem. That is why God tells us to go outside of anything resembling the camp of the Jews’ religion to pray and worship and serve the Lord Jesus. God warns that you will suffer reproach outside the camp of religion just like Jesus, who was rejected and put outside the city to suffer.
We should live for Jesus and offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually to serve the Lord, and we should support the gospel. That is what God means when He says to do good and communicate; to communicate is to give money. There are brothers who are leaders or guides, who can look out for your spiritual good.
1. We should always be sure to let __________ continue.   Hebrews 13:___
2. What should we do for Christians who suffer adversity through torture and are put in bonds and in prison? __________   Hebrews 13:___
3. Why do I not need to fear other people? __________   Hebrews 13:___
4. Who is the same all the time? __________   Hebrews 13:___
5. How often should we offer the sacrifice of praise to God? __________   Hebrews 13:___