Hebrews 11

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Faith is putting trust in God when we cannot see Him. We believe God created the heavens and the earth because the Bible says so. We trust the Bible because by faith we believe it is the Word of God. When God says He will do something, we believe He will do it. This chapter gives us many examples of people living by faith.
By faith Abel brought an animal to die as his substitute, so he could have fellowship with God. God accepted Abel’s sacrifice. The death and blood of the animal reminded God that one day His Son Jesus Christ would die on the cross as our substitute. Jesus took the punishment for our sins so God could have fellowship with man. God could not accept Cain’s offering of vegetables. Cain hated God for this, so Cain killed Abel.
Noah built an ark and he went in with his family. God shut the door for more than a year while the flood was on the earth. Noah trusted himself to God. That is faith. Abraham obeyed God and left his village to go to a new place. Abraham did not know where he was going. By faith he trusted God to lead him there. Sarah was an old woman but she received strength to have a child because she believed God’s promise. That is faith. Moses chose to suffer with the people of Israel rather than having fun doing sin. He trusted God would rescue the people of Israel. Many others died while believing God even though they suffered many things. They trusted God, knowing that one day they will be rewarded for their faith. Would you be faithful to God if you knew you could die because of your faith?
1. It is impossible to please God without __________.   Hebrews 11:___
2. Who obeyed God and left his home to go to a place that he did not know where it was? __________   Hebrews 11:___
3. Moses decided it was better to __________ rather than have fun doing sin.   Hebrews 11:___
4. Some believers were tortured for their faith, not accepting deliverance, knowing they would receive a better __________.   Hebrews 11:___
5. Many of the people at the end of the chapter received a good report of faith, but they have not yet received the __________.   Hebrews 11:___