He Is Our Peace

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IN Thy death my soul reposes,
Holy, spotless Lamb of God;
Sweet the truth that death discloses,
Pardon through Thy precious blood.
Here by faith I see Thee bearing
All my sin, and curse, and woe;
All my breach with God repairing-
Washing me as white as snow.
Freed from wrath and condemnation,
Set with Thee in heaven above;
In Thee I have full salvation,
Life, and peace, and endless love.
O my Savior! I would praise Thee,
Bend and worship at Thy feet;
Every grace and every beauty
In Thy blessed Person meet.
I shall see Thee in Thy glory,
When the race, the war is past;
Tell in light the blissful story
Of Thy grace from first to last.
Mighty One! the Resurrection!
In Thee glorying, in Thee blest,
Soon Thy saints shall shout Thy praises
In a scene of endless rest.
Oh, I long to hear Thee saying,
"Come up hither, rise to Me;
Leave thy bondage, leave thy sorrow;
I have call'd thee-thou art free."
Yes, beloved Lord and Savior,
We shall meet Thee in the sky-
Share Thy bliss, Thy joys forever,
In the home prepared on high.
Now we wait for Thine appearing-
Wait in hope, in peace, in trust;
Thou wilt come to perfect blessing,
Thou, the Holy, True, and Just.