"He Is My Brother!"

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A fearful storm was raging, when the cry was heard: “Man overboard!”
A human form was seen manfully swimming through the furious elements in the direction of the shore, but the raging waves dragged the struggler rapidly outward. Before the boats could be lowered, a fearful space separated the victim from help. Above the shriek of the storm and roar of the waters rose his rending cry. It was an agonizing moment. With bated breath and blanched cheek, every eye was strained to the struggling man. The brave rowers strained every nerve in that race of mercy, but all their efforts were in vain. One wild shriek of despair, and the victim went down. A piercing cry, “Save him, save him!” rang through the hushed crowd. Into their midst darted an agitated man, throwing his arms wildly in the air, shouting, “A thousand pounds for the man who saves his life!” but his staring eyes rested only on the spot where the waves rolled remorselessly over the perished. The one whose strong cry broke the stillness of the crowd was the captain of the ship from whence the drowned man, the captain’s own brother, fell.
This is the feeling we should have in the various ranks of those bearing commission under the great Cap­tain of our salvation. “Save him! he is my brother.”
The fact is, men do not believe in Christianity because they think we are not in earnest about it. When the people see that we are in earnest in all that we undertake for God, they will begin to tremble; men and women will be inquiring the way to heaven.