Gleanings 47

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 5
What is the great difference between the works of man and Christ's works? Christ's were all connected with the Father. He always looked up to the Father with a heart attuned to the mind of God. The works we want as the people of God are works that take in the mind of God. If you want to know what is not " worthy of God," you should ask, " Would the Son of God, if He were in the world, do it?" Are works connected in your mind with the thought, " I ought to do this because I belong to God"? One who has life in Christ cannot bring forth fruit without its being received by God. It is most important to judge our works-to see whether they are works that are worthy of Christ; good works, not according to man's thoughts but according to the mind and thoughts of God, of such a character that we can say," to me to live is Christ."