G. Gilpin (? ― ?)

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Hymns #115, Appendix 43.
There is no data available, so we shall quote from both hymns:
“Head of the church, Thy body,
O Christ, the great salvation!
Sweet to the saints it is to think
Of all Thine exaltation!
All power’s to Thee committed,
All power on earth, in heaven;
To Thee a name of widest fame
Above all glory’s given.”
“O God of grace, our Father,
All praise we give to Thee,
‘Tis in Thy sovereign favor
All blessedness we see.
There only is the fountain
Whence living waters flow,
Which like a glorious river
Still gladden as they go.”
(Appendix #43)
The first hymn is addressed to Christ the Son and Head of the church, and the second to the Father and takes in His sovereign grace. What a portion to enjoy!