Fragment: Jesus in the Days of His Flesh

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There is no “loitering” in the path of the Blessed One through the world; no seeking, as we may seek, for ease. Life with Him is taken up with the untiring activities of love. He lives not for Himself. God and man have all His thoughts and His service. Does He seek for solitude? It is to be alone with His Father. Does He seek for society? It is to be about His Father's business. By night or day He is always the same—on the Mount of Olives praying, in the temple teaching, in the midst of sorrow comforting, where sickness is healing: every act declares Him to be the One who lives for others. He has a joy in God man cannot understand, a care for man that only God could show. Never do we find Him acting for Himself. If hungry in the wilderness, He works no miracle to supply His own need; if others are hungering around Him, the compassion of His heart flows forth, and He feeds them by thousands.