Enoch to Noah

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 51
The busy world was pressing on its way
Intent to plant and build, to sell and buy:
And neither knew nor cared that every day
The Lord Himself came from His Home on high
To walk with man.
And thus the course of time its way fast rolled,
Till soon three hundred years were fully gone,
While Enoch, prophet of the Lord, foretold
The Lord with thousands of His saints will come,
Will come to judge.
Alas, the busy world still sped its way,
Nor thought, nor cared, for God’s most solemn cry.
Then, strangely, Enoch was not found one day,
For God had taken him to dwell on high,
To dwell with Him.
But Enoch’s son still spread the message grave:
“When I shall die the judgment sure must fall”1
And Noah built an ark their souls to save:
He, too, while building, preached the solemn call:
The Judge is near.
The world sped on without a thought of God.
No time had they to hear what He might say.
Nor did they know, until had come the flood,
And took them all, yes, every one, away:
The Judge had come.
And still the busy world runs its own way,
Intent to plant and build, to sell and buy:
And heeds not, just as ’twas in Noah’s day,
That God still sends abroad that solemn cry:
The Judge is near.
Before shall swiftly fall that judgment dire,
Like Enoch once, our God shall claim His own.
The world, and all its works, are burnt with fire;
But His shall walk with Him in white, at Home:
At Home, with Him!