Dr. Thomas Gibbons (1720-1785)

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Hymns #207, Appendix 1.
This writer was born May 31, 1720 at Reak, near Newmarket, England. He was educated by a Dr. Taylor at Deptford and was ordained in 1742 as the assistant minister to Mr. Bures at Silver Street Chapel, London. In 1743 he became minister at Independent Church in Haberdasher’s Hall where he continued until his death on February 22, 1785. He had also been a tutor (1754) at the Dissenting Academy at Mile End, London. He gave Sunday evening lectures (1760) at Monkwell Street and four years later received an M.A. degree from the College of New Jersey. He wrote books on Calvinism and other subjects as well as poetical works and is considered a “disciple in hymn writing” of Dr. Isaac Watts whose life he wrote.
“For this stupendous gift of heaven,
What grateful honors shall we show!
Where much transgression is forgiven
May love with fervent ardor flow.”