Dr. Robert Hawker (1753-1827)

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Hymns #61, 101, 104, 158, 248.
How precious the way in which Dr. Hawker’s hymns bring before us the Lord Jesus (hymn #61) and the Father (#104) with ourselves as children lisping out “Abba Father,” that hallowed Name! He was born at Exeter, England, in 1753. Originally educated for the medical profession, he in 1778 became a minister in the Church of Charles the Martyr at Plymouth, He was there until he went home April 6, 1827, at the age of 74. He was well known as a controversial and theological writer, but his name is associated with hymns, especially “Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing” and others. He also published a collection of Sunday School hymns.
“How wondrous the glories that meet
In Jesus, and from His face shine!
His love is eternal and sweet,
‘Tis human, ‘tis also divine.
His glory—not only God’s Son—
In manhood He had His full part—
And the union of both joined in one
Form the fountain of love in His heart.”