Dorothy Ann Thrupp (1779-1847)

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Hymn #340.
There is a question as to whether or not this hymn was written by Joseph Francis Thrupp, an Anglican who lived from 1827 to 1867. One of our chief sources (“Dictionary of Hymnology” by Julian) fails to list this hymn for either, and so we hesitate to be final in ascribing it. However, there are two other hymn books (one used by the Raven party and the other by the K. L. C. group) which assign this hymn to D. A. Thrupp. Perhaps it would be well to say a few words about both these writers.
First as to Dorothy Ann Thrupp. She was born in London June 20, 1779. Her father was Joseph Thrupp of Paddington Green. She contributed hymns to “Friendly Visitor and Children’s Friend” edited by a W. C. Wilson. One of her hymns includes the following:
“Savior, like a shepherd lead us,
Much we need Thy tenderest care.
In Thy pleasant pastures feed us,
For our use Thy folds prepare.
Blessed Jesus,
Thou hast bought us, Thine we are.”
Joseph Francis Thrupp was born May 20, 1827, son of a lawyer. He was educated in Winchester School, Cambridge, where he gained prizes including the Queen’s Gold Medal for writing a poem. He became Vicar of Barrington, Cambridge, in 1852. He wrote the hymns, “Abide with us, O Savior dear” and “How beauteous are the peaceful feet.”
These two dear saints of God are now so enjoying the precious presence of their Lord and Savior that authorship of the hymn has no effect on them.
“Father, we commend our spirits
To Thy love, in Jesus’ Name,
Love which His atoning merits
Give us confidence to claim.
“O how sweet, how real a pleasure
Flows from love so full and free!
‘Tis a vast exhaustless treasure,
Savior, we possess in Thee!”