Deuteronomy Chapter 26

Deuteronomy 26  •  3 min. read  •  grade level: 9
The main points are noticed in the Synopsis, but I note the whole here as important. The worship is characterized by the open declaration, and founded in its nature and character of the present possession of and standing in the blessing which grace and redemption had brought the people into, and this it is I note as important. They are in the land, as we “in Christ” in heavenly places, "blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ," and we come with the joy, thanksgiving and praise, the worship that is, the first-fruits of that. It is the rising up by the Spirit of the return and effect of being in and enjoying the fullness of God's blessing. Then it is in the place where God is fully revealed, and where He dwells- the place in which He has put His name, which He has chosen to this end. He gathers the people, and so the soul with its first-fruits-the first-fruits of its privileged blessings-into the place which He has chosen to dwell in, and where He fully reveals Himself; we know where and the way. For us it is the Father's house, "My Father and your Father, my God and your God." Then not as without, hoping to get it, but as within, in the enjoyment of all spiritual blessings, as that in which we are, we offer our first-fruits to God. What we were surely comes in and greatly enhances the blessing, as redemption necessarily does, and such a redemption! But it enhances it, not alters or diminishes it, "A Syrian ready to perish was" -not "is." The first principle is the present full enjoyment of the blessing itself, and that is sufficient-characterizes it- only we do remember how grace has given us such a place.
Next, thanksgiving to the Giver goes before enjoyment of the gift; so ever.
Then, we rejoice in every good thing Next, there is not only blessing, but an estimate of what heaven—the Land—is, as God estimates it in itself, not merely its fruits for us, but what is the glory of all lands-what makes it precious; this is a blessed privilege.
Then grace flows out, the necessary effect of enjoying the love of God.
Note too, that while the personal consciousness of being in the place of blessing is the first and personal feeling, yet in the worship the whole people of God are taken in verse 9, "He hath brought us"; so, ever the Holy Ghost says "loved us, washed us, saved us"; though I know it for myself and say "we," yet, as often noted, I comprehend "with all saints."
Then comes obedience, " I have not transgressed... have not forgotten "; the last a special test of the spirit of obedience. Then diligent care to avoid defilement or turning anything away from God to self—purity and consecration to God.
Then blessing is prayed for on the whole people of God and on the land; i.e., as for us, as belonging to heaven itself, and the sense of its nature and excellency is repeated. In all, in and by this worship, and all brought out in it, we belong to God, and have God as our God.