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COME to the Father, come!
Oh why so long delay?
He calls His wanderers home,
Why should you absent stay?
Have you not sorely proved
How base is Satan's claim;
That all you've sought and loved
Is emptiness and pain?
Come! come! come!
Come to the Father, come!
His message now receive;
He yearns to have ye it home,
His pardoning love believe.
His arms are open'd wide
To clasp you to His breast;
For you His Son hath died,
Return, and be at rest.
Come! come! come!
Come, all ye lost and dead,
Ye starved and naked, come;
Come, for the feast is spread,
There's bread enough at home.
The fatted calf is kill'd,
The wine and milk abound;
With joy your Father fill'd,
To see you safe and sound.
Come! come! come
Come from the far off land,
Where death and darkness reign,
Why should you halting stand?
Eternal life you'll gain.
The best robe you shall wear
Of righteousness divine,
Acknowledged son and heir,
In glory you shall shine.
Come come! come!
Come to the Father, come
He wants His child to greet.
Come to His happy home;
What welcome shall you meet!
The dance and music wait
To wake their liveliest strain,
When entering through the gate
You're. safely home again.
Come come! come!