Colossians 4

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Paul knows there are difficulties in the Christian life, and he encourages us to communicate with the Lord. Don’t stop praying. We expect the Lord Jesus to come back to take the believers to heaven very soon. Thank the Lord every day for His care and promises while we watch and wait for His coming. Remember to pray for those who preach the gospel because Satan does not like the gospel and he will cause problems for the gospel preachers. Walk in wisdom when you are with unbelievers. They hear you say you are a Christian, but they will watch what you do. If you do bad things or say bad words, the unbeliever will think that you are no different from them. They will think that Christianity is false and they will not believe on the Lord Jesus. Redeeming the time means to use your time to share the gospel with others when you have the opportunity. To speak with grace is to use soft words that do not offend and to be humble and be like Christ. If we joke or become angry, we will not have good answers that people will listen to. They won’t believe us. Speaking with salt means to use plain and honest words so the true message is easy to understand. Paul tells us about some of his friends who also served the Lord Jesus. Then Paul sends them his personal greetings and tells them to remember that he was in bonds because he was in prison. Being in prison cannot stop the spread of the gospel. Serve the Lord wherever you are.
1. When we pray, we should watch with __________ for the answers to our prayers.   Colossians 4:___
2. How should we walk when we are with unbelievers? __________   Colossians 4:___
3. Describe how we should speak when we answer people’s questions. __________   Colossians 4:___
4. Which one of Paul’s dear friends was a doctor, who wrote the Book of Acts? __________   Colossians 4:___
5. As Paul signed his name to the letter, he reminds them to remember his __________.   Colossians 4:___