Charlotte Elizabeth Brown (1790-1846)

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Hymn #311.
Charlotte E. Browne was the only daughter of Michael Browne, Rector of St. Giles at Norwich, England. She was born October 1, 1790 and as a young woman was married to Captain George Phelan of the 60th Rifles. However, he died in 1837 and later she married a minister named Lewis H. Tonna. Her hymns have been published under the name of “Charlotte Elizabeth.” Her hymn numbered above is a prayer to keep the Shepherd in constant view until we attain our final resting place. She departed there July 12, 1846.
“While to several paths dividing,
We our pilgrimage pursue,
May our Shepherd, safely guiding,
Still be kept in constant view.
May the bond of blest communion
Every distant soul embrace,
Till, in everlasting union,
We attain our resting-place.”