Chapter 11: The Demon-Possessed Young Man

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ONE Sunday morning my fellow-worker and neighbor received an urgent call to go and visit a young man, named Alcibiades, who lived about seven miles away, and who had suddenly become controlled by evil spirits. My friend asked me to go with him, and we set out together on horse for the farmhouse where the young man lived with his parents, who were well-known to us. The youth belonged to a Christian family, but was pursuing a fast life. He was engaged to marry an Italian girl, but her father, not caring for the match, had been to a seance and there invoked the spirits to kill Alcibiades. The morning before our visit he was forced against his will by some unseen force to attend a seance, and had returned home possessed of evil spirits. He was constantly calling out that he was a medium, and that Antonio (a young man who had been murdered nearby, a year previously), was calling from hell for Senhor Alberto (my companion), to pray him out of it. Alcibiades had neither eaten nor slept since then, and in his frenzy had to be held by four men, from jumping over the high verandah. Thus they sent for my companion. As we were passing through the forest over the hill, far out of sight of the house, the spirits cried out (through the young man), that there were two men coming, that they were weakening, and that one had a new Testament. When we arrived all was quiet. Alcibiades was sitting quietly on the form, but as we approached to speak to him, he sprang up into the air, his features transformed, his eyes staring into space, his body quivering, and he shouted in a frenzy that the soul of Antonio was in hell and calling to be released. The men seized him and tried to hold him by main force. There was a frantic struggle, and then the spasm was over. He returned quietly to his seat, looking down stupidly and breathing hard. After a time we again approached him, suggesting prayer, but immediately he was seized with another attack almost worse than the previous one we had witnessed. These attacks had been going on for twenty-four hours. It was a terrible sight, a repetition of the previous seizure, and then he sat quietly down. After witnessing a third attack, we persuaded some of the neighbors we suspected of spiritism, to retire, whilst we prayed for the young man. When they had gone out, we asked God in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that the evil influence might be cast out of him. Our prayer was immediately answered. In a short time he asked for something to eat, which he had not done for 24 hours, and a little later said that he felt sleepy, and went to bed, and slept until next day. On Monday he got up and went to work though feeling weak, and worn out. The following day he was quite normal, and during the last few years, has had no repetition of this terrible experience. He was perfectly normal mentally, and strong physically, before and since that time. He is now married and professes to be a believer. As we journeyed homeward on that Sunday afternoon, we desired to be preserved from ever again seeing a human being possessed of a devil.