cause, inquire, seek up, swell out

Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

Burning inflammation (Lev. 13:23).

Concise Bible Dictionary:

The common gathering on the flesh, attended with inflammation, which the Hebrew word shechin implies. The boils were doubtless malignant when sent as a plague in Egypt (Ex. 9:9-11); and they were severe in the case of Job when smitten by Satan (Job 2:7). Hezekiah’s boil was apparently of an aggravated type, though a lump of figs was blessed to his recovery (2 Kings 20:7; Isa. 38:21. See also Lev. 13:18-23).

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

a primitive root; to gush over, i.e. to swell; (figuratively) to desire earnestly; by implication to ask
KJV Usage:
cause, inquire, seek up, swell out