Anna Shipton (1815-1901)

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Hymn #Appendix 55.
Part of another hymn written by Anna Shipton reads:
“Father, my cup is full!
My trembling soul I raise;
O save me in this solemn hour
Thy might and love to praise.
Alone HE drank the cup,
The holy, sinless One,
That not one soul on earth again
Should drain the dregs alone.”
She seems to have mixed the Lord’s atoning sufferings here with our path of sufferings and His sympathy with us. Be that as it may, her hymn (#55 Appendix) gives us the grace of God in saving souls.
One information source states:
“Except the bare fact that the author of this hymn (quoted above) is named ‘Anna Shipton’, we know nothing of her life. She has published several books of poetry between the years 1855-1864, and some of her hymns are in general use.”
“Call them in—the brokenhearted,
Cowering ‘neath the brand of shame;
Speak love’s message low and tender,
‘Twas for sinners Jesus came.’
See the shadows lengthen round us,
Soon the daydawn will begin.
Can you leave them lost and lonely?
Christ is coming—call them in.”