An Awful Awakening

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
In a town of Switzerland a few years ago, some work­ingmen going early to work, walking along the street, saw a white figure on the top of a high house. What was it? A lady in her night-dress, and she was sitting quite happily, smiling in perfect security, gazing down at the ground below. She was a somnambulist. She had risen in her sleep without anyone in the house knowing it, and had taken her station on the roof, pleasantly looking about, and no doubt dreaming — dreaming pleasant dreams.
They didn’t know what they could do to save her from her peril. Just as they were talking together, the sun rose. A bright beam fell upon her eyes. She waked and saw where she was, gazed one moment around, and then fell headlong — killed on the spot. It was an awful awakening!
Fellow-sinner, if you are out of Christ, and the day of His coming overtakes you — oh, what if the first beam of that bright day be the first moment of your awaken­ing, and it is too late!