also (by interchange for 4679) a fastness or (beseiging) tower: — bulwark, hold, munition, net, snare

Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

Used for hunting and fishing
(Isa. 19:8; Matt. 13:47). Style, manufacture, and method borrowed from Egyptians.

Concise Bible Dictionary:

Fishermen Near Sidon – Dec. 10-20, 1937
Various words are translated “net,” some signifying large nets, and others the drag net. Symbolically nets represent devices secretly laid or they would be shunned, even as a bird avoids a net spread in its sight (Prov. 1:17). The kingdom of heaven is compared to a net cast into the sea, which gathers good and bad; “the wicked” will be sorted from “the just” at the end of the age (Matt. 13:47-49). Satan and the wicked also prepare their nets and snares (Psa. 141:10; 1 Tim. 3:7).
Trammel nets for snaring migratory quail near Gaza.

Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

or (feminine) mtsowdah {mets-o-daw'}; or mtsodah {mets-o-daw'}; from 6679; a net (for capturing animals or fishes)
KJV Usage:
also (by interchange for 4679) a fastness or (beseiging) tower:--bulwark, hold, munition, net, snare