Acts 7:55, 56

Acts 7:55‑56  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
"Full of the Holy Ghost"
"Looked up ...into heaven"
"Into heaven"
"Saw ... Jesus"
"Son of man"
"On the right hand of God"
"Gifts of the Holy Ghost" (2:4)
"Look for Him" (9:28)
"Looked for a city" (11:10)
"Hold ... our confidence
steadfast to the end" (3:14)
"Christ ... entered ... into
heaven" (9:24)
"Ye have in heaven a
better ... substance" (10:34)
"His Son ... brightness of
His glory" (1:2,3)
"Crownest Him with
glory" (2:7)
"Bringing many sons unto
glory" (2:10)
• "We see Jesus" (2:9)
"Jesus the Son of God" (4:14)
"Even Jesus, made a high
priest" (6:20)
"Jesus made a surety" (7:22)
"Looking unto Jesus" (12:2)
"Son of man" (2:6)
"When He ... purged our
sins, sat down" (1:3)
"After ... one sacrifice ... for
ever sat down" (10:12)
"On the right hand of the
majesty on high" (1:3)
"On the right hand of the
throne of the Majesty in the
heavens" (8:1)
"At the right hand of the
throne of God" (12:2)
N. Berry