A Typical Case

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Experience has taught me that most of the men that talk against the Bible are men that never read it. There is no book in the world misjudged like the Bible. A modern book comes out, and people say, “Have you read such a book?”
You may say, “Yes, I have just read it.”
“Well, what is your opinion about it?”
“Well, I wouldn’t like to give my opinion without reading it more carefully.”
Yet men are very free to give their opinion about God’s Book without reading it. A friend of mine was in Montreal some time ago, and he talked with a man upon the subject of Christ and Christianity.
“Well,” he said, “the fact is we have got to have a new Bible. That old Book,” he said, “was good enough for the Dark Ages, but we have outgrown it. It is of no use to this enlightened age.”
My friend said, “Before we give up the old Book let us see how much we know about it. Can you tell me which is the first book in the Bible, Genesis or Revelation?”
Well, he said he couldn’t just tell that. He didn’t quite know, but he knew they had got to have another Bible.
That man is typical of all the men that I have ever heard howling and writing against the Bible. I never met one in my life — yes, I will make one exception, I did meet one man that claimed he had read it through; but I doubted him, because when I pressed him to quote something out of it all he could remember was “Jesus wept.”