2 John

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
The main point in this letter is to warn us about people who teach lies about the Lord Jesus Christ. John is writing to a well-respected sister in the Lord. He rejoices greatly that this sister’s children are walking in the truth too. We Christians need to love one another and encourage one another to continue in the truth. Five points of Christianity are mentioned in verse 3: grace, mercy, peace, truth and love.
Some people were going house to house and deceiving Christians. They did not teach the doctrine of Christ. Today people go house to house and teach lies. The deceivers in this world do not want to confess that Jesus is God who came in the flesh as a man. Some say Jesus did not die and rise from the dead. Some teach that Jesus could have sinned but He chose not to. These teachings are wrong. John warns us that if any persons come to our house and teach bad things about Jesus, we should not allow them to come into our house. We should not even tell them to have a good day or a good-bye. These people are like Satan who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. They look very nice, but they teach lies.
So the subject of this letter is to remind Christians to know the truth about who Jesus Christ is and to know about the work of salvation that Jesus Christ did when He died on the cross.
1. Five key points of Christianity are mentioned in one verse, starting with grace. What are the other four? __________   2 John ___
2. What were the children walking in that made John rejoice greatly? __________   2 John ___
3. What commandment do we have, from the beginning, that we should do to one another? __________   2 John ___
4. The deceivers of this world do not want to confess that Jesus is God who came in the __________ as a man.   2 John ___
5. Where should you not receive a person who does not teach the correct doctrine about Christ? __________   2 John ___