2 Corinthians 10

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The body of Paul was weak and sickly. But when he wrote letters, he sounded like a big, important man. The assembly at Corinth did not respect Paul as they should have. They considered themselves to be more important than Paul because Paul was not present. Paul had authority as an apostle of God. We should submit to the people that God has put into positions of authority. Do not consider yourself to be important. Just accept whatever responsibility the Lord allows you to have and do it for Jesus. Do not be proud of the abilities God has given to you. Speak of the great things that the Lord Jesus has done and give glory to Him.
1. Paul appealed to the Corinthians, not on the basis of his own character, but rather by two qualities of Christ. What are they? __________   2 Corinthians 10:___
2. We are to bring into captivity every __________ to obey Christ.   2 Corinthians 10:___
3. Paul’s letters were weighty, but some said his bodily presence was __________ and his speech was __________.   2 Corinthians 10:___
4. All glorying (or boasting) should be __________.   2 Corinthians 10:___
5. It is not the person who commends himself that is __________, but the one whom the Lord commends.   2 Corinthians 10:___