1 Peter 5

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Peter is writing to the older, responsible brothers in the church. When Peter tells the elders to feed the flock, he means that elders have responsibility to teach us the Word of God and to make sure everything is in order with the Christians in the local assembly. If we are going to be fed, we need to listen to the teaching and then practice what we are taught. These elders should not force the Christians to live a godly life, but the elders should lead us by being a good example.
The Lord Jesus, the chief Shepherd, is watching to see how well the elders lead and how well you submit to their advice. Everyone in the assembly needs to treat one another with humility. God is a hater of pride, but He gives grace to those who are willing to be less important than others who receive an honor. If you allow others to be more important than you, God will raise you up to a place of honor later on.
Jesus is interested in you. If you have problems, tell Him. He cares about you. One of those problems is the devil. He is trying to discourage you so you will turn away from living for Jesus as Lord. Be strong in your faith and trust Jesus, who will give you strength and peace to overcome the attacks of Satan. Then you will be able to give glory to Jesus Christ. The chapter ends with a reminder to show the love of God towards our brothers and sisters in Christ when we greet one another.
1. Who does God give grace to? __________   1 Peter 5:___
2. What should you do under the mighty hand of God? __________   1 Peter 5:___
3. We should cast all our cares and problems on Him. Why? __________   1 Peter 5:___
4. When the devil tries to discourage you, how should you resist him? __________   1 Peter 5:___
5. How long will we give the Lord Jesus the glory and dominion which belong to Him? __________   1 Peter 5:___