1 Peter 3

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 6
A wife should be subject to her husband and behave in a way that would encourage him to believe and obey the Word of God. It is more important for a woman to be a pleasant person with a gentle and quiet spirit than to be concerned about wearing lots of jewelry, makeup and perfume and posting selfies. Sarah is an example to us of a wife who respected her husband Abraham. A man needs to know and understand his wife so he can take good care of her. A husband should give honor to his wife. All of us should love other Christians as brothers and sisters. When others treat you badly, don’t return the evil. When they speak badly about you, return kind words. You can pray for their blessing because you know you will receive a blessing. If you suffer for doing good and serving the Lord Jesus, you can still be happy because you know the Lord will reward you. If they ask questions about your faith, they will listen to you because they can see in your life that you have something worthwhile. The hope that we have in us is truth about the Lord Jesus, who is coming to take us to be with Him in heaven. Jesus Christ is the just and good one, who suffered and died for sinners like you and me so He could give us spiritual life and bring us to God without our sins. Noah was saved from the judgment of this wicked world by the boat, which carried his family through the judgment waters. Jesus carried us like a boat through the judgment of sin, when He was baptized in death on the cross to save us.
1. Who should be in subjection to their own husbands? __________   1 Peter 3:___
2. Who should a husband give honor to? __________   1 Peter 3:___
3. Instead of returning evil for evil, we can pray __________ on that person because we know we will receive our own blessing.   1 Peter 3:___
4. Righteousness is doing good and serving the Lord. Will you be happy or sad if you suffer for being righteous? __________   1 Peter 3:___
5. Who went through the baptism of death on the cross and was resurrected so we could be saved? __________   1 Peter 3:___