1 John 4

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Believers have two ways to be sure we have eternal life. First, we can know what teaching is true and what is false because we have the Spirit of God in us. Second, we love other believers.
Every true believer has the Spirit of God. Many bad spirits are in the world, and they lead some people to teach wrong things about Jesus Christ. With the Spirit of God in us, we can overcome the demon spirits with their bad teaching. We are able to know which teaching about Jesus is true and which is false. We know Jesus is God, who became a man in human flesh. We know Jesus could not sin. Demon-taught religions have teachings which take that glory away from Jesus Christ. Those who speak by the Spirit of God agree with the teaching of the apostles.
The second way to know we are saved is that we love other believers because we are all part of the one body of Christ. If we do not show love to other Christians, it proves we do not love God. The love of God is not an emotional love; it is an active love that proves itself by actions that show love to other members of the body of Christ. It is not our love that is perfect. It is God’s perfect love that worked in us to save us from our sin. This perfect love makes us bold in the day of judgment. We do not need to be afraid of God’s judgment against sin. Jesus took all that judgment for us. God’s perfect love takes away all fear of meeting God. If we love God, we will love all our brothers and sisters in Christ.
1. What kind of prophets are gone out into the world and teach wrong things? __________   1 John 4:___
2. Love is of God, and every one who loves is __________ and __________.   1 John 4:___
3. If God loves us, who ought we to love? __________   1 John 4:___
4. Who did the Father send to be the Savior of the world? __________   1 John 4:___
5. What type of love casts out fear? __________   1 John 4:___